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Hey Friends/Fam,

I was informed that the comments section wasn't allowing posts.

If you are able, please try to post a simple message for me so I can make sure it's up-and-running. I tweaked a few things and think it's fixed now.



J. said...

hi! the problem I see is that in firefox, I can't view the word verification text box, but if you tab down, sometimes it pops up! (in case that helps anyone else trying to comment in firefox!) :)

Abbie said...

Sweet, thanks J! I've also noticed on many blogs that you have to try twice to post. The first time it says "cannot be processed" but if you immediately try again it works. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbie -

I'm posting from work. I did have a problem the first time I tried to comment. Hoping this works!


Anonymous said...

Checking the comments functionality...

Anonymous said...

Does the comment posting send to your e-mail now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bread recipe and info on using the mixer to make bread (never tried it)...I think Thursday is the soonest I'll have time for this project - I wish I had time today! One question - if I used only whole wheat flour, would my bread just be way too dense?

The blog looks good - I'm looking forward to spending more time looking around!
Stacy K.

Abbie said...


Good question. Yes, using all whole wheat flour would make the bread overly dense and the yeast would have to work overtime to stretch and bend. The quality would be sacrificed and it would likely be heavy as a brick. I wish this could be done! However for quick breads & muffins (aka, banana or pumpkin, ones that don't use yeast) you can totally use all whole wheat, in fact, I always do.

Let me know how it turns out!

Abbie said...

PS Stacy,

The rule of thumb with yeast breads is always 1:1 white flour to wheat flour.

Anonymous said...

sigh. I guess white flour is evil but necessary? ;) The question is, then, is homemade bread still better for my family than store bought whole wheat bread (which, I'm guessing must contain something besides only whole wheat flour)....and the second question: If I make homemade bread will I eat it all, thus negating any good I've gained from the homemade-ness of it?!

Drooling already,

Abbie said...


Let me be the first to stress that homemade is always better than store-bought! Store-bought whole wheat, too, doesn't contain 100% whole wheat flour (regardless of what the label may say), but has a mix of the two. :) Store bought breads have loads of preservatives and artifical colorings/additives. Unless they are deemed withe yellow "whole grain" seal, they are likely far-under-par. And homemade taste quite a bit better, in my opinion, so there is an element of wanting to eat it all :) However with all your boys, you likely wont need to worry about that! Also: homemade tens to go stale if you don't eat it within a few days (you can freeze immediately though and it keeps its freshness). If it does go stale, I usually either make breadcrumbs (using my food processor or a coffee grinder) and freeze them until use, or make french toast--which is insanely good with homemade bread.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Anonymous said...

Abbie: Look forward to following your blog & your recipes! Enjoy NY!!
Jean J

Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of you and amazed at your knowledge. You explained bread-making very well and I loved your fun comments. I wish I had my computer at home, instead of the office. Printing the article is not the same as seeing it on here in full color. I rarely make bread anymore, but will now have to bring it back into my life. Now we need to work on canning your favorite pulled pork. You could have a jar ready for those homemade buns anytime you want it. Have you done any natural applesauce for Will, yet?
your favorite aunt

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