One of those days...

OFFER!  My friends, please purchase this movie NOW.  It will be on sale until midnight tonight.  This is an eye-opening film that will make you aware of what you are eating and how it is being raised/created/manufactured.  If you are an American and you eat food from a grocery store (and feed this food to your children/husband/wife) then you NEED to see this movie.  Educate yourself and your family.  Do it!

Oh, my friends, today was just one of those days.

You know, the type of day that grows crazier by the minute until you reach that point where you feel your head is spinning a-la-Exorcist?

Yeah, one of those.

Anyway- most of us have one of these at least once a week.  Maybe every day.  Maybe every minute.

If this is you, it is highly likely that you'll get home and think, "There is NO way I'm making a meal right now.  Forget it.  Not gonna happen," then you proceed to pull out some scary-maybe-hairy looking leftovers, think better of it, and pull out the box of cheap mac and cheese.

Please don't make boxed mac and cheese.  Seriously?  Manufactured cheese powder?


I exist to make sure you don't do this dastardly deed.

There are other options when all that's available are pre-packaged goods.  When I experience one of these days (like today) I generally make pasta, grab a bottle of some sort of sauce, and sprinkle a bit of grated cheese on top.  It's quick, simple, and I don't have to do a darn thing except boil water.

Does it get any easier than that?

Well, I'm sure it does but we wont discuss those unmentionables (ahem, T.V. dinners- ack!).

What's on the agenda tonight? 

Ravioli, my friends, with a simple pasta sauce and grated fresh Parmesan.  Incredibly tasty, quick, healthy, and easy. 

I love Rising Moon & Newman's Own products.  You can find either at your local health-foods store.  Extremely healthful, flavorful, and each carry an array of food essentials. 

Even boxed macaroni, if you just can't peel yourself away.  At least their cheese isn't made from chemicals. 

Just sayin'.

An oh, my love affair with cheese.  Especially fresh Parm.

And, because you took zero effort to make the meal,
and because you had a nasty day,
and, well, just because, pour yourself a delightful glass of this:

And YES, that's a martini glass.  I [gasp] don't own wine glasses.
 But oddly, I own martini glasses.  Hmm. 
Anyway- a glass is a glass, people. 
Often I don't even bother with the fancy stuff and just grab a Ball canning jar.

I roll like that.

Oh, lovely meal.  Thank you for making my day a touch easier,

A lot tastier,

And that-much-more pure and nutritious.

Bon Appetit!


Kirsten's Cooking said...

Looks yummy-
Have you ever tried organic wine? I just grabbed some last week (I'm still trying to convince myself I'm cultured and like wine instead of just plain ol' beer). I liked it because it doesn't have any preservatives in it or genetically engineered yeast. It was pretty good - it was a cabernet and I usually like pinot noir as well (as much as I like wine).
Here's hoping your evening is relaxing
love your posts!

Alli said...

Simple and delicious - a nice reminder that homecooked doesn't have to mean hours in the kitchen.

Nicole said...

Have you read Forking Fantastic? They drink wine out of jars too. :-)

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