Sunday morning bliss.

Now I know I promised posts on stoup and stoup alone this week but I have to pause for an intermission of sorts.

Don't get cranky.  Be patient.

Patience is a virtue, you know.  One that I very often don't have but we'll just pretend I do today.

Because it's Sunday morning.

What, on this earth, really, is better than lazy Sunday mornings?


So yes, a little pause in the stoup action to share something delightfully "Sunday" with you.

These ooey gooey lovelies:

Yes, cinnamon rolls. 

Now, I realize that one on the bottom right looks a little out-of-sorts.  But really, aren't we all a little off-kilter at 5:30 in the morning?  Because that's what time these babies arose. 


And Mr. Lower-right-corner just not a morning person.

Don't judge him.

These bad boys were leftover from my last bread-making escapade.  I felt they needed to make an appearance today.  It just seemed right.

My husband agreed wholeheartedly.

Now really, don't you wish it were Sunday every morning?

I know I do.

Have a lazy day.


J. said...

those look SO good. YUM.

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