Why I love him.

I thought I'd share a small tidbit of why my husband and I work so well together.

#1:  We have opposite food quirks

I love the edges of brownies.  My husband does not.  So I often come home to this little blend of our two opposing loves:

It's fabulous.  He gets the middle I get the edge, all is right in the world.

Another similar situation.  My hub hates the sugary milk leftover after a bowl of cereal.  I love it.  Yes, I know--GROSS.  Hey, I didn't say I was perfect.  However, I do adore the stuff (though I shun certain cereals because they leave the milk discolored or tasting icky--I prefer frosted flake-milk myself).  Thus, when the proper cereal is used, he leaves me little presents like this:

Yes, he even pours the leftover, sugar-laden milk into a cup for me (and strains out any of the icky leftover soggy cereal pieces).  What love.

#2 He serves me by doing loathesome tasks

Since I was out-of-town for the past week (stay tuned for some yummy posts!), he decided to bless my socks off by doing what he knows I would swoon over:

Cleaning my kitchen.

Here are just a few of the things I found absolutely spotless...

My coffeemaker:

 I truly wish I had a "before" picture of this thing.  It was absolutely disgusting.

The microwave:

Beautiful.  Simply beautiful.

#3 He leaves lovely gifts

On top of everything else, he leaves pretty little reminders of his devotion:

I love him.

Happy upcoming Valentine's Day to you all...may the people you adore complement, serve, and love you!


J. said...

Sigh....if only my coffee pot looked that good! :)

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