Fabulous Food Finds


Every so often I'd like to post about the simply wonderful food-like things I love.  

These might be actual food items, gadgets, recipes, people, or...


Now, if you know me well (and many of you do) I a-dore reading.

That's the biggest understatement in the universe, people.

I could go for days with my nose in a book and forget to come up for air.  I always, always, always have some sort of reading material in my purse.  I love everything about the literary world.  I cannot go more than a few days without visiting the library and/or reading at least one novel.  

My husband first realized the extent of this obsession on our honeymoon.  I read three, count 'em three, 300+ page novels.  He was a bit peeved, to say the least.  I mean, it was our honeymoon.  I wont go into further details, but let's just say I had to tear myself away from my books to take part in certain honeymoon-like practices.  He wasn't exactly thrilled at my partiality.

Ah well, we're still married.

Libraries, books shops/stores, periodicals, magazines, historical documents, fiction, non-fiction, reference materials, and oh do I ever live to smell the insides of books.  Come on, please tell me you've done this...because then I might be weird.  I'm not weird.  Right??

Don't answer that.

I have always loved books, far longer than I can remember.  It all began with a wonderful librarian I had in elementary school.  She could read books with a certain vibrance I've yet to experience.  She was amazing.  A few years ago I wrote her a letter, thanking her for introducing me to the wonderful world of word-power.  She immediately contacted me and we had lunch, chatting on about our lives and how books have shaped and moulded us into the women we've become.  

Yes, books can do that sort of thing.

Anyway- I fittingly call myself a Bibliophile.  It's simply me, in a nutshell.

Going along with that, when my love for the culinary world began to blossom, I fused the my two adorations together and found an endearing new pasttime:  Perusing cookbooks.

My new favorite area of any bookstore are the shelves that contain every sort of culinary endeavor you might embark upon.  Wine tasting?  Sure!  Chocolate-making?  Certainly.  Pan-Asian cookery?  Definitely.

Oh how I love growing in my knowledge of these quirky subjects.

So...of course, what part of my tiny little kitchen do I absolutely adore?  This place:

The shelf right below my kitchen window.  The very same one that contains my absolute favorite cooking companions.  I recently added this one to the shelf:

I love it.  It's one man's journey to cooking 100% locally and with seasonal fare.  It's become a favorite of mine.  As you can see from the other photo, I also channel Julia Child & Ina Garten.  They are two chefs I could simply live and work alongside.  Their methods, motives, and knowledge (as well as their cooking!) are what I hope to obtain someday (though I'm certain I wont even brush the surface).

Now I have many cookbooks but only the best have a place on The Shelf.  These are my besties.

What are your cookbook go-tos?  Do you have a favorite chef?

I'm anxious to hear!

Do share.


Kirsten's Cooking said...

At the risk of appearing stalker-like, I can't help but leave a small comment! I am beyond thankful for my Betty Crocker Cookbook. I always say that if you can read, you can cook. When I was crazy-young, married, and living five hours away from my mom, I relied on Betty to help me learn how to cook. If my mom didn't answer the phone, I simply opened my cookbook and more often than not, I found my answer (this was before cell phones and internet were widely available). Even now, I still use this cookbook often, and having recently perused the contents, realized that this cookbook was way ahead of it's time - 12 years ago I had not heard of quinoa, hummus, paella, etc.

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