Want to be Challenged?


My dear kindred spirit set up this challenge for herself and I am up for it. (Though, quite honestly, it's my current lifestyle--however, I love to push myself further in the realm of healthdom).

I am challenging you all (all twelve of you who read this, har har), to take the torch.  

Make it your goal to eat a la Michael Pollan.  If you don't know who he is, google 'im.  Seriously, his books will change your life (or at least the way you view food).  

I love hearing how each of your gastronomical endeavors are faring.  If you need accountability, I'm your woman.  If you need advice, come on over.  If you need moral support, I'm here.  And if I need any of these things, I'll reciprocate in asking!

Who's up for the challenge? 

If so, leave a comment! 


Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

Yay! Thanks for the link, baby. You are such an inspiration to me. Even though I did try to make your pizza crust only to give up in disgust. One day, we'll spend an afternoon in your Iowa kitchen and you can show me the proper way.

Abbie said...

You're welcome, of course! It's humorous that I inspire YOU. Hello? You've been inspiring me for, oh, 8 years now? Ever since my Iowa sweatshirt-wearing days, to be exact :) And no need to come to an Iowa kitchen--we're contemplating a visit north. I'll keep you posted!

Matt, Rebekah, Micah, and DeWayne said...

Hey Abbie,
Didn't know where to write this, sorry it has nothing to do with the challenge. :) Thought I would put a bug in your ear, or a tingle on your taste buds, for the BEST lasagna ever. It's Tyler Florence's "Ultimate Lasagna" but I use chorizo instead of Italian sausage and broccoli instead of celery, and I only use 2 pounds of meat, to lighten it up. It's to diiieee for. It's a mid west husband's dream....

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