Another Quickie: Vodka Shrimp Penne

Some days you're just in a bind.

Okay, maybe it's most days.

Normally I don't advocate pre-packaged goods but when 
they are wholesome (i.e. organic) and taste good, I have to 

Especially for those days that you just. don't. feel. like. cooking.

It's true, even the most seasoned chefs (pun only mildly intended) 
have these days.  They have them often, I'm sure.

I had one of these last week and allowed myself the privilege of making this:

I found it at the local organic foods co-op.  
Blue Horizon is another brand I love, and this stuff is no exception.  
I love vodka shrimp, I mean really- who doesn't?

I'm sure there is some anomaly out there but I haven't met you yet.

And because I decided to go for the whole she-bang and not even, gasp,
make my own rolls (I know, I know, I'm defying ALL my own rules here,
I'm such a rebel).  This is the only pre-packaged bread brand I fall upon 
during times of need:

Rhodes.  It's second-best in flavor and texture.  Homemade is always first.
But this comes in a close second.  I love the multigrain variety.

Pop a few of these frozen pre-rolled dough pieces into 
a 9" greased pie pan.  
Cover with plastic wrap and let rise until double in size,
 it generally takes all day if they are frozen 
(depending on how warm your kitchen is) 
so go ahead and do this task in the morning and let them 
hang out on the counter all day to de-thaw and rise.

When suppertime rolls around, preheat the oven to 350.  
The rolls should be nice and large, go ahead and pop them in
for 12 minutes.  Oh man, but don't forget to take off the plastic wrap.  
I've totally forgotten this at times.  
I know, I know.  I flub-up quite often.  
I'll admit to my failures on here eventually.  
Until then we'll just let you assume I am a culinary genius.  Ha.
I am totally joking. 
My head isn't that big, I assure you.

While they are baking, prepare your vodka
shrimp according to the package directions.

The shrimp takes all of 10 min.
It's lovely.

Take out your aromatic, fluffy-but-substantial rolls:

Oh Rhodes, thank you for making my life just that
much easier today.

Make yourself a salad and dish up.

And there you go.
PS...I added lima beans to the shrimp just to jazz up
the fiber content.  You can do whatever!  
Peas would be good too.

Meal in (virtually) 15 min.  
Beat that, Rachael Ray.

Or Sandra Lee...since I suppose she is the queen of semi-homemade.
Sidenote: does anyone else think her tablescapes are bizarre?

Sorry, another subject for another day.

Happy Snappy Eating.


julia said...

I can't stand Sandra Lee and her tablescapes....

Abbie said...

Haha, Julia! Me too! I'm always like: "What in the world?! Who REALLY has time for this? Or cares, for that matter?" :)

Kirsten's Cooking said...

Have you read the transcript of the interview that msn did with Anthony Bourdain? He despises sandra lee and makes no bones about it...apparently she came up to him at a party [with her boyfriend, the atty general of ny] and ripped him a new one! He still maintains that what she does with food is obscene (and I agree). If I can find the transcript, I'll forward it to's a little edgy, but I kinda like him anyway!

jamie said...

love those multigrain buns. those are the ones we get too!

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