Today it's all about breakfast.

Breakfast ANYTIME.  Particularly for supper.  In this little family o'mine, we love ourselves some breakfast.  So much that we really don't discriminate or delve into the whens and whats.  My husband eats bowls of cereal like they're going out of style.  For example, last night (after a very hearty dinner of Chicken Corn Chowder and homemade rolls, mind you) he decided he needed a ginormous bowl of Cheerios.


Well, because, he says, and-I-quote "I forgot to have breakfast this morning."

Yes, that's how much we love our morning fare in this household.  If it's skipped, it just needs. to. happen. You understand, I'm sure.  In fact, I recall my husband saying that his favorite thing about college was the unlimited cereal buffet in the dorm cafeteria.


Anyway.  So yes, we enjoy breakfast at all hours, all times, all places.  It's a necessity.

That being said, today's recipe is a must-have around these parts.  And please don't pass it by once you hear what it is, thinking, "That sounds SO frou-frou," or, "there is NO way my husband/kids would eat that."

Trust me, folks.  Just trust, I tell you.  It's Mr. K's absolute favorite meal ever.  And that says something.  Because for all those who know this man, you know that he defines picky.  He doesn't touch greenery.  He stays thirty feet away from anything "gourmet" or flavorful.

But he loves this.  Loves it.  He begs for it.  He sings it's praises.  In fact, this is straight from the horse's mouth himself,
“Growing up in a world of meat and potatoes, there wasn’t anything better than roast beef, mashed potatoes, and corn.  But that all changed when I had my wife’s quiche.  It is by far my favorite meal, even if I don’t know how to spell it.” 
Haha.  I love him.  And yes, I asked for a review.  I'm not puffing myself up here, just stating facts.  It's true, the man loves this dish.

So what is this must-have?

Spinach & Crab Quiche, my friends.

Now don't get worried, it's easier that easy.  I've been making it since my green days as a new wife (back when I didn't know a fork from a spoon).  Just stick with me.

Okay, enough talking.  Let's get cookin'.

Spinach & Crab Quiche

Note: you don't have to stick with spinach or crab, I just like this flavorful combination.  You can swap out the crab for crumbled sausage or chunks of ham/bacon, and the spinach for peppers/onions/broccoli.  It's quite versatile.  However, if you are using ham, especially deli meat, be aware that it might contain a higher water-content and thus cause the quiche to be a touch more soupy (so you need to cook it 10-15 min longer).

- 1 deep dish pre-made pie crust (but not pre-baked)
- 2 Cups 2% milk or heavy cream
- half package imitation crab meat (or fresh, if available)
- 6 eggs
- grated cheese (your choice, I like Italian blend for this recipe)
- one handful spinach
- 1/4 tsp salt
- pepper, to taste

- Cover bottom of unbaked pie shell with cheese, on top of the cheese, place another layer of flaked crabmeat, on top of that layer, place the spinach leaves, cover with a small smattering of cheese, set aside and prepare your quiche base.
- Crack eggs and place in medium bowl.  Stir with a whisk until yolks are broken but not over-beaten.  Add milk/cream and stir to combine.  Add salt and pepper.
- Pour the quiche base over top the spinach layer, fill quiche until just below rim.  Dunk any spinach pieces with your fingertips so they are fully coated (this prevents them from drying out and becoming crispy in the oven).  Cover your crust edges with a pie shield OR tin foil, if you have it (this prevents premature browning). Place on cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.  However, set your timer for 35 minutes.  When timer goes off, take our quiche and cover the top with more cheese, place back in oven for 10 more minutes.
- When timer goes off, check quiche.  You will know it's done by shaking the pan a tad.  If the quiche wiggles slightly, but not sloppily (meaning very liquidy yet, and needs a few more minutes) then take it out.
- ALLOW THE QUICHE TO REST 10-15 MINUTES before slicing.  This is crucial.  It allows everything to set up properly.  Don't be temped to cut into it.  Patience, people, patience.

The food items you will need:

Here's the imitation crab meat:
I am not partial to certain brands, it's a toss-up for me.
Since I don't have access to a good fishmonger, I have
to go with imitation meat- if you can find fresh, go for it!
Imitation crabmeat can be found at any local grocery store.
And when you see "imitation," this doesn't mean it's fake fish,
it is simply a combination of a couple different kinds of white fish.
Just a tidbit of info for your day.

Grab yourself some eggs.  I now only use organic, free-range eggs,
after seeing this, commercial chicken manufacturers sort of set
my mind on edge.  
It's a personal preference.

Again, love these Pillsbury pre-made pie crusts!
Remember when I made this?
Yeah, they're great.
Just remember, in this recipe- don't pre-bake it.

Cover the bottom of the crust with cheese.
Ahhh, love cheese.  

Then a layer of crab meat.

Then the spinach.

Oh, and if you're a time-saver like me, go ahead and prepare
(in advance) some Rhodes Multigrain Rolls.  By prepare, I 
mean let them rise in time prior to getting the quiche ready.
Why?  Because they bake at 400 too.  Two things, same
temp, same oven.  Fabulous time-saver and great together.

So pop these babies in to your pre-heated oven for 12 minutes
while you prepare your quiche (or if you want them uber-fresh,
pop them in when you take the quiche out, while the eggs are
doing their 15 minutes of resting/setting up).
Either way, it's a bargain.

Set aside your pie shell with it's lovely layers of goodness and
move on to the quiche base.

Crack a few eggs into a bowl

Mix up the yolks a bit, just to break them up.
Then add your milk.

Milk with a greater fat content makes the quiche
far better.  I would avoid using skim, but if you
are super conscious of fat/weight schtuff, go ahead
and do what you want.
I am of the mind that I'd rather eat a smaller portion of something
tastier, than a larger hunk of something merely so-so.
But that's just me.

This is how it should look once mixed.
Remember not to over-beat.

Add your salt and pepper.

Grab your pie shell and add a touch  more cheese.

Dump in your quiche base.

Don't over-fill.  You don't want egg spilling over the side
and burning up all over the place on your pan/in the oven.
I've never done that.

Dunk the little spinach pieces that didn't want to get wet.

Place on a baking sheet to prevent spillage.

Now, my friends.  If you are like me and HATE burned crust.
Get yourself one of these:

They are incredible for saving your edges.  Love it.
If you don't have one, just cut some strips of tin foil and
crimp them over the edges.  That'll do just fine.
But this thingamajig is so much easier.

Take out those rolls and pop in your quiche.
Remember to set the timer for 35 min.

After the bell dings, take out the quiche and add a touch more cheese.
Or a lot more cheese, if you're like me.

Pop it back in for another 10-15 minutes, or until done.

Oh my.  Yes, we love our breakfast.
Oh, we do.
Remember to let this thing sit for a bit, it needs to gather its wits.
You know, because quiche are a witty breed, they are.
Or not. 

Mmmm, that looks about right.

After patiently waiting, slice into that fabulousness.

And go ahead- just enjoy your breakfast for the second
 (or third or fourth, or twentieth time today...)
I won't judge you.


Kirsten's Cooking said...

Oh, this looks so good! So sad that in your lovely city, there is no spaghetti squash or a great fishmonger! Hilarious that Curt will eat spinach in a quiche, that's a serious vegetable.
By the way, with all of your knowledge, I can't see you ever being a "green" cook! I admit, when we were first married, I made.....
hamburger helper (don't tell anyone).

aaron and liz said...

Sounds like Mr. K is just like my husband; loves his cereal and LOVES Quiche!! I will definitely be trying this one. Thanks-Liz

Carrie B. said...

Thanks for the recipe! It's great! I made it tonight with pork sausage and red peppers... it was VERY tasty. You're so awesome ;) Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

If you only have 5 eggs handy, can you make them with that instead of 6? Thanks! :)

Abbie said...

Yes you definitely can use only 5 eggs, though I wouldn't use any less. You may have to add a tiny bit more milk to fill out the missing liquid. Thanks for reading!

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