Fabulous Food Finds

Okay so the two features today are completely random and have nothing to do with one another, but, well, that's how things should be at times.


Why should life make sense anyway?

It shouldn't.  It doesn't.  Therefore I will not succumb to the idea.

The first is a nice little feature on Tasty Kitchen.  If you haven't tapped into this cooking/baking resource you should.  And not only because it's a great way to submit and search for recipes, but simply because it's the brain child of this lady:

And if you don't know her, I simply cannot associate with you any longer.

I'm kidding. 

It's Ree Drummond...otherwise known at The Pioneer Woman

If you don't know her by now, well, please just do it.  I can't say any more without chiding you.

But back to the Finds.

What sparked my attention on TK today was this.  Homemade randomness, to be precise.  I love that people, who were lacking some food item, decided to concoct the missing ingredients with whatever they had.  This is the beauty of culinary modernism.

Well, actually, it's quite timeless.  People have been doing this for ages.

Throw whatcha got together, and make something of it, why dontcha?!  It's true cooking at it's best (and it saves you, yet another, run to the grocery store.  Pew- I love shopping but man do I loathe having to go to the store for ONE thing, it irks me to no end.

So yes, love that Tasty Kitchen decided to highlight others' culinary concotions.  A whole new world is opened up when you realize the potential of a few thrown-together ingredients. 

You will never be the same. 

And you wont have to go buy that bottled salad dressing that contains all sorts of unknown and can't-even pronounce ingredients within.  Doesn't that kind of freak you out just a tad?  It does me. 

What are some things/items you have concocted from the rubble of your pantry?  Just wondering.  I'm anxious to hear!

My second fabulous find is this website, Jessie Steele, baby:

Now I'm not overly into fashion, nor am I one to spend obscene amounts in clothing stores.  I just cannot justify purchasing impractical clothing.  I seek out clothing I'm going to like in 5 years, or something that will physically last that long.  I don't have the time or energy for much else.  Plus, I often think: "Dang, I could buy a really good cast iron skillet for that price!"  Or "Really?  Really??  People actually pay that much for jeans?!  Geez, I'd rather get a set of Wusthof knives."  Yeah, that's me, in a nutshell.


I came upon Jesse Steele's aprons and knew I'd found my fashion weakness. 

I mean, really.  Really.  How adorable are these?!:

And they even have oven mitts to match!

You cannot deny these sexy home-wifery textiles.

I mean, really- they make ME want to be a housewife.

Oh wait, I am one.

What sexy-kitchen-maven necessities have you stumbled upon lately?

DO share.


Kirsten's Cooking said...

ooooh, I really love that little black and lace number! Naughty but pretty-:)
I really don't have too many great kitchen finds, I just echo yours: wusthof knives, kitchenaid mixer, PW. I do use epicurious.com quite a bit. Besides that, my kitchen routines are rather spare. I use basic tools,(my kitchen is tiny, 10x10).
Okay, so I really didn't share anything of worth...just wanted to comment on that apron!

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