So I have to admit, I mess up sometimes.

Shocking, I know.  It happens.

Okay, really?  I mess up all. the. time.
In more areas than simply cooking, but we wont discuss those today.

What happened?


Yes, yes, I made the world's biggest pizza air bubble.  

I literally yelped in terror when I opened the oven, 
then started laughing hysterically.  
The crust looks like it has some eerie tumor or something, doesn't it?

Sorry, that's slightly morbid.

Anyway- this phenomenon occurs when you don't accurately roll 
and press all the air pockets out of the dough when kneading/forming. 
It can happen to breads & rolls too.  

But it's WAY spiffier when it happens to pizza.

I can't wait to make ridiculously huge air bubbles with my kids.

Yes, this is what we do for fun 'round these parts.

Don't judge me.

AND, someday, someday, I'm going to learn how to do this:

That's right.

Just you wait.


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aunt jean

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