In a flash: Mushroom Gnocchi


This post is quite indicative of my week:  random, all-over-the-place, not-quite-getting-much-done-yet-feeling-constantly-busy....

yeah, one of those.

So, in lieu of my busy-ness--but not accomplishing much--I'm sharing (yet another!) grocery-store-quickie with you:


What in the WORLD is gnocchi, you ask?  Or maybe more simply, how in the heck do you even say that word?  Many believe it is pronounced "gnaw-chee," but the real pronunciation is "know-kee".  And get this, it literally means "a stupid person".  Haha!  Why?  No clue.  You'll have to ask the Italians.

If you are really all that interested in gnocchi's origins, here is a good article to pique your interest.  But if you want the short version, it is this:

Gnocchi is a thick, but pillowy potato dumpling that is a traditional dish of Italy.  Sometimes it is filled with various purees (like you will see today), other times it is simply perfect as-is, with a nice sauce accompanying it.  Some say gnocchi originally came from the Middle East, but who knows?  I'm sticking with Italy.  They know their pasta.

Anyway, onto today's meal.  Or rather, last night's for me.

Your ingredients?  Simply these:

A jar of pasta sauce (or any other sauce you might like to use),
a package of dry or fresh gnocchi,
freshly grated Parmesan cheese,
and some fresh parsley, if you so wish.

I chose to go with Archer Farms' mushroom variety.
It is found at your local Super Target.  
I cannot express to you my love of ST.
I. just. can't.  
That is an entirely different post in and of itself.

I chose Newman's Own pasta sauce this time around
but feel free to use whatever floats your boat!

All you do folks is this:
Boil some water.
Plop in the gnocchi.
Let it cook until the dumplings float (3min).
Top with warm sauce,
Parmesan & herbs.

Voila.  Done.

Does it get any easier?  I mean, really.

And yes, I like my parsley- it's not just a garnish
in our household.  It's part of the main deal.

Okay.  Off to continue getting nothing done.

Goodbye for now...


Kirsten's Cooking said...

Oh, how I wish we had a Super-Target, or maybe I don't....I'm sure I'd spend way too much!

Looks really good...don't you just love Paul Newman? I always thought he was so handsome-
those blue eyes :)

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