Our African Souvenier.

Well hello friends!

How was the weekend?  Good?  I certainly hope so.  Mine was fabulous.  My little boy partook in a few "firsts" and made his Mama proud.

Just let me take a moment to brag and boast.

The little man had his first official swimming lesson:

First few moments in the water:

Kicking violently (and maintaining a death grip on my shoulder):

"Dad, I'm freezing."

Although the poor thing hated floating on his back he loved the water!

Another "first" was searching for Easter eggs:

I'm not quite sure he really "got" the egg-hunting extravaganza but the colorful oblong object was intriguing enough for his pleasure.

Anyway- yes, a very joyful weekend, indeed.

Now, onto today's post.

I realize I promised something Asian and delectable for you...but since I had such a fabulous weekend with the above mentioned little tyke, I thought it fitting to include a post sharing how he came to be.

NO, not that.  Don't allow your mind to go-a-wandering down that road, please.

Thank you.

And, actually, his story does deal with travels and other-lands.  Because, my friends, this little boy was made
in Kenya.  Yes, on the vast continent of Africa.  He's a little African baby...

What?  His blonde hair and blue eyes didn't give it away?


But yes, certainly.  This little man came to be while my husband and I were serving in East Africa for a year post-college.  I was teaching, Mr. K was digging wells, and this little man's presence suddenly changed our lives forever.

Now, while pregnant (and in Africa, mind you), I had many-a-craving.  Unfortunately in the middle of the African bush, there aren't many Dairy Queens around to deliver your sweet fix.

Yeah, I had many a tearful "I need ice cream" moment at times.  Not gonna lie.

However, a few of my main cravings (thankfully) were things just beyond my door.

Things such as fresh plantains (a savory banana-type fruit):


Banana's on-the-vine (they stay fresher when you
pluck the whole vine rather than an individual piece).

Mouth-watering papaya:

PINEAPPLE (my main, daily craving) & mangoes:

Ginormous avocados:

Fruits and veggies galore:
(sorry for the side-photo, grrr blogger)

Wildebeest meat:

Hahaha!  I'm kidding.  Nasty.

But we did eat this:

Yup.  We tasted some incredibly delicious teriyaki hippo.
I'm not kidding.
It was really, really good.
Did you know hippos are the most ferocious African animal?
They can snap a human in half in one bite.
Stay away, my friends, far away.

Want a few other fun photos?


Ever feel like you're stuck in traffic?  
Think again:

Ever in need of a toilet when traveling and can't find a rest-stop?
Welcome to the bush bathroom!

This 12 week pregnant woman had many-an-issue with this one:

Try flying in one of these bad boys with a bun in the oven:
Morning sickness doesn't brush the surface.
Try motion sickness!

I made a valiant effort to hold it all in.

The hospital where we had our first ultrasound (in Nairobi):

There he is!

The first live-birth I witnessed in Eastern Kenya
(I was 16 weeks pregnant here):

Sadly, this precious girl only lived one year, 
she died a few months ago from an amoeba
(due to lack of clean water).  It was terribly sad.

Anyway- didn't mean to end on a tearful note.

Africa was quite good to us, indeed, albeit eye-opening.

Our little man will forever be our favorite African souvenier!

More on this crazy-adventure later.

I have many-a-culinary-story to tell and
recipes to share!


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