Carnivorous Indulgence.


I've been gone a while.  Sorry about that.  But my apologies are just- I have been out of town (and still am) but I could not refrain from this post.  This is one that must be written.

Backstory:  I grew up in the good ol' Midwest but in high school my family moved to New Braunfels, Texas- a small German town smack-dab between Austin and San Antonio.  I attended my final years of secondary school in the south, then returned north for college.  However there are many areas of my heart that remain in the Lonestar State.  And, well, a few part of my stomach.

Figuratively speaking, that is.

There are an incredible amount of eateries that I have to hit during my stay but the feature today is the one I must hit every day upon arrival.

Quite frankly, you must, I repeat must, know about this little southern gem that I've kept in my back pocket.

You see, I love Barbeque.  LOVE it.  I think I've previously mentioned my slight pulled pork obsession.  I am from the heartland- we enjoy our swine.  It is for this reason alone that I could simply never be vegetarian.  I. just. couldn't.  I adore vegetables- far more than most, I'm sure.  But every so often there is a yearning deep within my bowels (sorry, bad visual) for roasted meat.

I'd like to think of myself like this:

Dainty, glamorous, but good BBQ has the ability to flip
my skirt and make me tingle.  
Yeah, it can do that to a person.
Even the most dainty of women.

And I'd like to think of Mr. K and myself like this 
lovely couple:

We get our kicks out of cookin' over a spit.
However Mr. K wouldn't be caught dead in
flannel and I'm pretty sure this head has never seen
a set of rollers to procure that updo.  
Ah well, you can't have it all.

BUT my friends.  You can have the experience.
If you are in south Texas, that is.

Because as much as I love BBQ- I simply cannot
grill meat like this place:

Have any of my readers ever been?  Because if you have experienced it- you are one of the chosen few who can and will enter the club of fabulousness.  Really.  You simply cannot live this life and have not had Rudy's.  


I know there are camps in the BBQ realm.  People from Kansas City will argue that BBQ has to be a certain way, people in the Carolinas will dispute sauces, folks throughout Texas even have their own opinions and ideas.  In fact, true carnivore enthusiasts down here call Rudy's "fast food BBQ"--but I refuse to accept the label because, well, the taste does not equal such a brand.  However the price does- but who could complain about that?

And quite frankly, this is my blog.  Not theirs.  'Round these parts- what I say goes.  

And I say, "Rudy's, Rudy's, Rudy's!!"  Yeah.  Everytime I see the movie regarding a certain Nortre Dame underdog who came into football greatness I always think of BBQ.  I'm a foodie- sorry.  Football isn't something that trips my trigger, but food?  Oh yeah.

And this place has it.  That special something. 

Step right up, enjoy the view.
It isn't spacious or ritzy,
it doesn't need to be.

We don't go for atmospheric ambiance here.
We go here to eat.  And eat, we do.

The meal is not served on fancy platters or dainty dishes.
Wax paper is all ya need.
Wax paper, slabs of meat...
And some sauce.
But more on that in a few.

Oh and a tower of white bread.  Yeah.
And maybe some sides.  
But the meat shines.  Sides aren't necessary.

My choice is a 1/4 lb of pork loin, and a 1/4 lb of brisket.
I also grab a side of three bean salad (gotta throw some
fiber in there somewhere to make myself feel better) and 
big fat cuppa this:

SWEET tea, baby.

It's the nectar of the southern soul.

BUT.  If you cannot visit.
And you have no intention to 
(I'm not sure I could forgive the latter).
You can still order somma this:

The best BBQ sauce on this side of heaven.  
I'm pretty sure heaven's is incomparable but this
will suffice until I arrive.

Or, if you prefer to be a sissy milder flavors,
you can partake in the less spicy versions:

But truly, truly.

This place is divine.
It's the first place I go when I arrive.
It's my once-a-day-stop for sweet tea.
It's the last location I want to hit before I head home.

It's all that and more.

Find your nearest location
After partaking, you'll eternally question 
your food chain status.


Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDY's!!!!!!!!!!!! We miss that place so much! Oh, you just made me both happy and sad all at once here.

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