Fabulous Find: Stray from Stickage


Happy Thursday, friends.  This will be a short one- I'm due to rise at the ridiculously insane hour of 3:45am
(I am a part-time barista- mornings are made for my kind).  However, this post could not wait.  I have a newfound kitchen tool that I must share with you.

Many of you may already know of these- and if so, fabulous- welcome to the club. 

If not, you will learn right now.  These are not-to-be-missed.

These are non-stick baking mats, otherwise known as Silpat mats (most common brand).  Well, Silpat is one type, mine are actually the Paderno brand- but most know of these inventions by the former.

Behold, the Silpat mat:

They are a MUST in the kitchen of any baker.  A must.

Goodbye parchment.  
Goodbye non-stick cooking spray.  
Hello money-saving, less clean-up, one-less-thing-to-worry-about.

They are lovely.  

However, upon visiting Williams-Sonoma, I couldn't
seem to find the Silpat brand, but did find Paderno,
which works just as well!

Here are my new beauties:

Aren't they lovely?

So...of course, I had to make cookies.
You know, to break 'em in.
I had to.

Beautiful.  No stickage.  No stainage.
Easy clean-up.

Yep, cookies tasted simply divine.
I attribute it to the mats.
And...the chocolate.
And maybe the two sticks of butter.

Just get the mats, you'll be thoroughly satisfied!
And...maybe inclined to bake more of the
above treats for yourself.

You know, because you have to.


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