All I Want for Christmas....

As I've grown older, my tastes have blossomed regarding Christmas gifts.  No longer are the days where all I want is my two front teeth (that was second grade- and I did comically lose both right before Christmas).  No, now I have refined my endeavors to include much more dignified, practical, inexpensive gifts.

Ha.  If there is anything I am not- it is overly practical.  That's my husband, and he does it well.  One of us needs to bring the spice and pizzazz.  I happily took over that role!

But I must say that Mr. K is loving, gracious, kind, and thoughful.  Each gift fom him is carefully considered and planned.  He isn't one to do things on a whim or get me something he know I wont use (that's the practicality coming in)- nor do I want something I wont use. 

Now I am not entirely impractical.  I will never buy a large, sprawling house (even if I had the money someday) because I don't want to furnish, clean, or heat/cool it.  I am not big into fashion- I buy timeless items that will work as trends ebb and flow (and my absolute favorite go-to store is Target).  I steer clear of wasteful spending (buying name-brand, going out to eat often, buying my son toys/candy/games that he will like for a second then forget about, etc).

That said, I am a gift-giver, I adore blessing others with little-somethings.  And I love receiving personal, thoughtful gifts.  You can always tell how much time/effort/thought someone put into your gift.  Homemade are the best kind, second are those gifts that you know the other person will just adore.  And you don't have to spend a ton of money. 

But I am getting off-subject.  Sort of.  I've been known to do that.

The gifts below are on my list this year.  And I must say- though I would use each of them, they are not entirely cheap or fully homemade.  But they are ones that would fit me to-a-T.  They are for the food-lover/baker/chef.  Or the non-chef.  Your pick.

Item #1:  Ina Garten's new cookbook.  Of course- I mean, is there anything else that would top my list? 

Because, really- who wouldn't want to make these delectable delights?

Like her herbed ricotta bruschetta:

Or spicy turkey meatballs.

Or her cran-apple gingerbread cake?
I am not even a fruitcake person and this looks goooood.
It makes me want to change my ways.

And since I already know I am getting this...
(My husband was no-so-secretive in his shopping persuits)
A Cuisinart ice cream/frozen yogurt maker (in white, not red),

I must then partake in making Ina's espresso ice cream

Yes, I must.
Or this intriguing flavor:

Vanilla-white-pepper ice cream.  It sounds interesting.

Thus, I will need these vanilla bean pods in my stocking:

And perhaps this, just for kicks:

Mmmm, that should be a sufficient start to my ice-cream making
persuits.  Now, for my addictions.

I actually bought myself one of these for my stocking but have since used it multiple times oops.  I am saving the environment.  Reusable cups are quite handy:

And this is always a stand-by, not-to-disappoint gift:
Cafe Verona, mmm.  Smooth, non-acidic.  Chocolatey.
Transports me to Italy, even for a second.

This another perfect stocking stuffer for this girl:

Anything Kashi brand.  I love it.  Fiber and protein.
And tasty.  And satisfying. 
When I don't have time to make this, I eat the above for breakfast. 
It's an almost-perfect substitute.

Some more practical, cost-effective, "give-back" gifts include:

Buy one pair, donate a pair.  Proceeds go towards helping children in developing nations have footwear of their own, all the while you get to wear these sweet duds as a remembrance of your support.

Snack Taxi snack bags. 
My sis-in-law clued me in  to these neat little things.  Reusable, chic snack bags that are handmade and washable.

This books is fabulous for creating a home that is entirely homemade, full of traditions and rituals, a home that doesn't need added "things" to make it full of life and love.  A great read!

Make your own Advent calendar.  I'll feature mine soon, but this one is just as cute!  You can put whatever you want on the backside of your cards.  Fun family activities to do together, scripture to read, anything you like!

Buy this sweet water bottle and every penny of the purchase goes to buying one person clean water for life in Africa and elsewhere.  It's a HUGE need in the world that most of us here in the U.S. have no concept of.  Matt Damon heads up check it out!

Or you can purchase various goods & necessities for people who have none.  Things like sheep, goats, chickens, a water pump, clothing, medical supplies.  All of varying prices.  It's the perfect way to bless others while giving a bit of yourself.

What is on your list this year? 
It can be practical or impractical, cheap or over the moon, homemade or store-bought.  If I had everything on my dream list it would have included a trip to Italy to learn how to make pasta.  Or to India to see where Mother Teresa served.  Or France to perfect the art of baguette-making and eat artisan cheese.  Or to South America to pick my own fair trade coffee beans with the locals and learn how to roast them.  Or back to Africa to see all the friends we made and have a chapati-making party with them.

We can't have it all. 
But we are allowed to dream...
Or bring dreams to others.


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Snack Taxis are amazing. I have two adorable ones myself that came with us to France :)

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