Summer Days...


Okay, so I realize it isn't June 21 yet but once the temp is consistently above 70 and my A/C turns on, summer becomes official in this household.  So what do I do when the season makes its inevitable mark on my life?

I make these.

And visit this.

And grow these.

And crave this.



Now I realize rhubarb is one of those veggies nobody really cares for unless LOADED with sugar, kinda like zucchini or pumpkin-- but man-oh-man, once it's doused in it's perfect sweet soulmate, summer is ON.

A friend blessed me with a ginormous supply of the ruby-hued stalks and I decided to partake in another favorite Ina dish, Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp (or betty or crumble, whatever your naming preference is).

Oh dear, look at her beauty

topped with butter, sugar, and oats- the trio of delight.
Eek, bad lighting- but you get the idea.

Mmmm, much better.

Baked off with a whollop of homemade vanilla ice cream to finish.
Not a dollop, folks, a "whollop" is the man-sized portion.
Or pregnant lady size, if you will.
It's my little slice of summer.

What is YOUR ideal summer dish?

By all means partake, enjoy, and share!