A Day for Fathers


So I realize Father's Day was a few weeks ago but I am a little delayed in my posting- and why not have another day of celebrating the amazing Daddy of my kiddos?  I think it's entirely justified.

We had a wonderful Father's Day- complete with all the fun things fathers need and love.

The day began with crab quiche
While this may sound frou-frou and girlie- it is NOT.
Don't mistake yourselves.  My man is not girly, nor frou-frou. 
He is extremely meat-and-potatoes (we will get to this later).
However when it comes to quiche- he is smitten.

And, of course, no weekend morning is complete without freshly made cinnamon rolls.

All boys love these treats!  At least mine do.

He is thrilled.  Can't you tell?

Then, off to the park!

With a little plane-riding thrown in for fun:

No park visit is complete without some ball-chucking and chasing.

We are THOSE parents who make our kid wear neon-hued clothing so that we don't lose him. 
 Yes, that's us.

A little silly time is required, of course.

And, you know, reality.

And GIFTS!  Though I am selfishly benefitting from this one  :)

These, however, are all his.  He wont share.

And, of course- his choice supper. 
I refuse to ever make this on a normal day because it just goes against everything I believe in. 
But he likes it, LOVES it, rather- and since it's his day, what the hey? 
I decided to go for it. 
Though I may or may not have made myself a different meal.
Do you know what the poultry-like substance is in this photo? 
Take a guess, I dare you.

It's soft.  It's gushy.  It's processed.  It comes in a box, frozen.
Any guesses?  
I'll leave it to you to ponder.
And yes- my husband tops his mashed potatoes with corn. 
And salivates at the corn juice that spills to the side.  He adores it.
To each his own!

Lastly.  We had these:

These were divine.
What are they, you ask?

Cheesecake bars.

My husband adores cheesecake- however I, gasp, am not a huge fan.
It's not that I dislike it- it just isn't my first choice in sugary, calorie-laden treats.
For me, it has to be chocolatey.  Or ice creamy. 
Cheesecake always seems too heavy and rich for my palette. 
These however were absolutely light, flavorful, and creamy with a hint of lemon.
Perfect for my tastebuds and his alike.
And the best thing about them?  SUPER easy. 
No longer will I ever fuss with a springform pan, attempting to bake the cake just right so that the top doesn't crack.
No- this was brilliant.  And not lacking in anything.

Recipe?  Recipe??!
HERE she is.

I actually nabbed it from Cooking Light magazine, the July 2011 issue.  However their version involved swirling in a fresh cherry sauce (which would have been tasty) but Mr. K has an aversion to all things fruit-saucey and prefers his cheesecake plain-jane style.  SO, I omitted the sauce.  I also added the zest of one lemon to the filling- it provides a fabulous fresh taste.

In addition, I swapped out their shortbread crust for a graham cracker version.  I'm not much of a shortbread person and prefer the traditional cheesecake graham cracker crust.  So I went against the grain and switched it up.

HERE is a good graham cracker crust recipe. 

For a 9x13 pan I doubled the crust recipe, baked it off, let it cool, then topped it with the Cooking Light cheesecake filling- also doubling this recipe, (with my choice of added lemon zest and devoid of the swirled cherry sauce), baked it again according to the CL directions, then let it cool.  After completely cool I placed it in the fridge until serving time.

SO easy.  So tasty.  Perfect end to a Father-filled day!

And while I'm still highlighting my man, here are some more of my favorite recent Daddy-shots:

I kinda love this guy :)

And while we are on the subject of Dads, here's mine!
He's fabulous cook, gave me lots of inspiration :)
Here he is making our family's famous spaghetti sauce:

Which is, of course, accompanied by homemade meatballs.
Of which, you must wear the apron while making.
It's a given. 
He rocks the apron.

These thangs are ridiculously tasty.  And so good the next day on a sub.
Oh man.  Maybe this will be the next blog feature.
Or maybe I'll keep it in the family.

Only time will tell.

Happy Dad's day to all you Father's out there!
You are dearly appreciated and loved.