Peas + Pesto = Perfect Pair

I love this season- everything is new, fresh, and vibrant.  Around this time (mid to late July) the local farmer's markets begin showing the bounty of summer's crop.  My favorite items are always the fresh heirloom tomatoes, dark leafy greens, and of course, corn.  The corn this year, however, has been slow-in-coming due to our crazy midwest weather so we'll have to wait a bit longer to partake.

But greenery and tomatoes abound. 

These items make my lunches incredibly tasty.  For instance, a nice blend of butter lettuce, spinach, and romaine with lima beans, heirloom tomatoes, green olives, feta cheese, and a basalmic vinaigrette.


Paired perfectly with this little recipe I found in Ladies' Home Journal.
Pesto and pea ravioli with fresh shaved Parmesan and lemon zest.

So fresh.  So flavorful. 
So perfectly delightful for a summer lunch.

The entire recipe relies on pre-packaged ingredients so is quite simple and quick to create.
I'm sure you could make your own ravioli and shell your own peas, but, well, have fun doing THAT for hours! 
I'd much rather have something fast and equally yummy on a summer day :)

Though the recipe calls for hazelnuts I left 'em out- didn't have any lying around!  Plus the pesto already has pine nuts so no need to add more nuttiness.  I chose to use Rising Moon Organics spinach and cheese ravioli, prepared pesto I found at my local grocery store, frozen peas, zested lemon, and actually happened to have some fresh Parm in my fridge so shaved a bit on top. 

There's nothing more fabulous than fresh cheese.
You'll never go back to pre-packaged shredded ho-hum variety once you partake in the real-deal!

However I need to really eat my words because the minute I say something like that I'm leaving a dirty little secret in the closet.  One that entails my pregnancy indulgences and store runs for things such as this:

Yes, this was actually my entire purchase the other night. 
Betty makes a good boxed brownie mix, and when adding fudge and chocolate chips to the batter while proceeding to slightly undercook the brownies (on purpose), you get an ooey-gooey, oh-so-amazingly bad for you treat.  Topped with ice cream- there's nothing more ridiculously rich.  Yeah.

I don't eat well all the time, folks.
And contrary to what some might believe, I actually maintain a semi-consistent sugar high.
This is me, being real.

Happy summer indulgences!