Breakfast for Dinner. Or Lunch.

A few nights ago we had our weekly "breakfast for dinner". Breakfast is my husband's favorite meal and easy-peezy to whip up quickly. I love it because if there are leftovers I can have 'em for breakfast the next morning! Or lunch, which is what I did today.

What did we have this week?

Quiche, my friends. I've highlighted my recipe in the past. This quiche is extremely easy to make, and ingredients can be swapped out for a variety of different choices. Normally we go with the crab/spinach/Parmesan recipe, however, this week we differed from the norm.

I had some leftover Beeler's ham and Nasonville Dairy sharp cheddar cheese (remember my sandwich the other day?) so decided to use 'em up- perfect ingredients for quiche.

Thus, our supper was born.

I used the same recipe I normally do, swapping out the crab for ham and the Parmesan for cheddar. Instead of spinach I used broccoli. Also, going with the new challenge I've set upon myself (to not used processed/pre-packaged items as much as I can help it), I decided to make my own pie crust, rather than buy the Pillsbury variety- which you can totally still do! No pressure, seriously. However, I've realized pie crust is pretty darn easy to create, especially when you use Ina's version. Also- you can make a bunch, freeze it in individual portions, and have crust ready whenev! It's pretty sweet.

Ta-da. Breakfast for dinner. Here's how it goes (follow the link above for exact portions of ingredients).

Get your pie crust ready
Mine's not pretty-looking. I'm going for taste at this point.
Someday I'll channel my inner-Martha and tackle pretty pie crust.
Until then, this will have to suffice.

Dump on your cheese.

Add your protein choice.

Then comes the greenery.
Next dump on your milk/egg mixture

Make sure to shield the crust to prevent over-browning.
I like to use one of these but if you don't have one, you can always use tinfoil.
Bake at 400 for 45 min or so, until center is slightly jiggly, but not overly so.
Take the quiche out and top with a little more cheese, place back in oven 5-10 min longer to melt, then remove.
Let the quiche sit on the counter for about 10 min to set.

Isn't she lovely?

Serve her up with some whole grain toast n' butter and a side salad, if you wish.

Perfectly delightful, easy meal.
And now you don't even have to make breakfast the next morning.

What's your favorite B4D?


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I'm proud of you for making your own crust!!! I'm totally not going to cook my broccoli the next time!

looks delicious, Abbie!

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