Just call me Betty...

Crocker, that is ;)

I've been baking like cuh-razy.  Not sure why.  Cold weather perhaps?  Something about fall gets me in the mood to break out my oven mitts.  Not that they were ever dormant...but this time of year just beckons for standing in front of a warm oven and filling the home with aromas of bread, cinnamon, roasts, pies, and the like.

Don't you agree?

For example.  Today.  JUST today, my seasonal baking fetish led me to produce these:

Yeah.  Two loaves of bread, a pan of cinnamon rolls, a 9x13 Pyrex dish of monster bars, and three dozen pumpkin gingersnap cookies

And don't get me started on tonight's supper (quiche with homemade pie crust and the aforementioned cinnamon rolls...we love our breakfast-for-dinner nights!). 

So yes, baking is in full swing around these parts.

In addition to the above items procured today, this week I also made another pan of monster bars for a friend, another three dozen pumpkin gingersnap cookies (those things are, ahem, addicting), brownies...for...umm, my husband (not me, oh no, I had no part in those...), a bazillion frosted Halloween sugar cookies (stay tuned for that post!), and THE most adorable button peanut butter cookies.

Button peanut butter cookies?

Yes, another Pinterest endeavor- the inspiration came from Bakerella's Coraline Cookies. They are adorable. A-dorable. Mine were made for a sweet little boy's birthday party I'm attending this weekend. I will post photos later of the actual gathering- his mama is a decorating goddess- this party is bound to be crazy-cute. The button cookies are a part of the theme, of which is entirely focused around classic children's books.

The button cookies allude to Corduroy, a sweet book if there ever was one. Please tell me you know of it. If not, for shame. Go check it out! It's lovely. And precious. All children should be aware of it's value. It makes a bibliophile cringe when classic children's books are abandoned for things like Nintendo gaming systems and crass cartoons/comics/etc. Such a waste.


Back to baking.

These cookies are cute as can be. And SO easy to make. Really.

Like I mentioned above, the original idea came from Pinterest- that place is a mine field of inspiration.  The blogger who created these adorable cookies didn't have a partiality to any peanut butter cookie recipe.  In fact, I think she used a bagged mix- which you can totally do to save time.  However because peanut butter cookies are ridiculously easy to make and generally all the ingredients are found in the cupboard, I decided to make my own and went with my Grandma's famous pb cookie recipe.  I've loved it for years; it's one of my very favorite items at our family Christmas gatherings.

Make up your choice peanut butter cookie dough and roll into little, 1" balls.
Place on a greased cookie sheet.

Bake according to recipe instructions. 
They come out looking like this:

Find yourself a soda bottle cap, like this:

Immediately after cookies leave the oven,
press flat side of the cap slightly into each cookie,
forming an indentation.

Then grab a straw, or in my case- a chopstick. 
Whatever you have lying around that can produce a small hole.
Puncture four little holes in each indentation to create a cute button-esque cookie.

How CUTE are these? 
I mean, really.

Go ahead and make yourself a good three dozen, while you're at it.

I did.

I'm considering dipping them in white and dark chocolate next time
and possibly weaving twizzlers pull n' peel through the button holes for maximum button-like cuteness.

What Betty-like creations have you made lately?
Any favorite baked goods this time of year?

I have many.

Be prepared!


Kirsten's Cooking said...

good heavens - these are darling!

I happen to really love peanut butter cookies, and you're right, they're super easy.

The twizzlers laces would just put the cuteness over the edge!!!

The Betty creation I've made this week: two apple pie. But, both were given away! :)

Megan Dunton said...

Oh my word - those are the cutest things I've ever seen - now I know where the phrase "cute as a button" comes from - your cookies!! I am so glad the nice folks at 1 Cup Awesome posted a link to your blog - it is fantastic! thank you for sharing!

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