Lunch Today: Takeout and an Autumn Treat

Onto lunch post #2, for today's installment I decided to highlight not a leftover or a sandwich, but takeout.

Our family rarely eats out, let alone for quickie meals.  If we go out, it's usually once/month and we tend to hit local restaurants we love.  Our favorite is Red's Alehouse.  Their food is fabulous and they have quite the brewery fare as well- very yum and reasonably priced.  It's often our Sunday-for-lunch go to.

However that's a different post altogether.

This morning I happened to be getting a few groceries at my local co-op and wandered by their grab-n-go section.  Normally I avoid this area because everything always looks so darn good and I generally can't hold myself back.  Today I didn't have the fight in me to turn away.  I was not in the mood for leftovers and haven't made bread this week yet (thus a sandwich was a no-go) so opted to treat myself to whatever looked good.

Hmm, do I want the curried tofu w/quinoa?  No.  The fresh mozzarella n' tomato caprese?  Mmm, no.  The basil pesto pasta salad with artichokes?  Not really.  Then I noticed the brown rice edamame salad with roasted red pepper, green onion, sesame oil, and chili paste.  Ooooh, that sounds enticing.  I grabbed it and made my way over to the single-serving smoked goods section. 

The co-op's smoked meat-selection is phenomenal.  They boast a variety of choices but today the smoked chicken breast looked fab so I grabbed it (though almost, ALMOST opted for the smoked turkey leg, just to feel carnivorous and caveman-like). 

Happy with my lunch, I purchased my items and made my way home. 

Voila, lunch is served (love when I don't have to do the preparing!):

And I generally can't have a meal without some greenery involved:

A simple spinach salad with broccoli, cauliflower, and basalmic vinaigrette,
along with my delicious grab n' go.  Perfect.

So good.

After eating, I played with my boys a while then put 'em down for naps.  During naptime I always scan Pinterest and food blogs to see what else trips my trigger.  I noticed a recipe on one of my boards from yesterday's perusing, Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies.  Somehow I couldn't get 'em out of my brain.  I scanned the ingredient list and, shock and awe, I had all the necessary items.


I made them, of course.

Wow.  These things may have just surpassed my family's recipe.
That's not an easy feat. 
Plus, I like knowing there's produce in my dessert.
Makes me feel better about partaking in a half dozen few of these bad boys :)
They're small.  Don't think about it.

What's your favorite grab and go-to item/s?
Have you tried Pinterest yet?
Have a favorite fall treat?

As always, eager to hear.


CB said...

HAHA! We are TOO alike! Guess has two packages of smoked chicken breasts in their fridge??!?!!?!

TOO funny!

Love, Carrie

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