What's For Lunch?

For a while now I've wanted to do a simple daily post.

Nothing fancy, nothing wordy- just a simple photo and explanation of, well, my lunch.

Why?  Because I always wonder what people eat for their midday meal.  I mean, don't you?  Okay, don't answer that.  If you're a foodie, like myself, you often have meals on the brain and I find lunch to be my favorite.  It's casual and versatile.  Often you have to be creative-especially if you have kids and don't want to eat grilled cheese every. single. day.  But even grilled sandwiches can be a blank slate of creativity.

I not only wonder what SAHMs have for lunch (since really, we generally either have too much time to think about it, or not enough time to actually create a wholesome one...you know how it goes), I also wonder about businessmen, nurses, teachers, construction workers- what do THEY eat?  Especially when many of those either pack a lunch or eat out.  Particularly if they pack a lunch- what's within the brown bag?

It's kind of like sneaking a look at what's in people's carts at grocery stores.  I've often wondered if checkers and baggers size everyone up by what's going in the plastic sacks.  It's interesting, and anyway- how else would you spend your time pulling long hours putting food in bags?  I'd totally create stories in my mind about where the people live, how they eat, what jobs they have, what goes in their kids lunches, what sorts of gatherings they have, etc. 

I'd totally love that job.  Not gonna lie. 

In fact, I actually worked at Starbucks last year for the summer and loved it.  Why?  Because you can tell a lot by a) What people order  b) How passionate people are about their favorite beverages/foods and c) How RUDE people can be to service workers.

But let's dwell on the former two, shall we?  :)

Anyhow- I love to know people's food passions/obsessions/idiosyncracies.  You can tell a lot about a person by what they consume.

Thus back to my lunch.

I love lunch.  It forces me to be creative with what's on hand.  Also, these days with two little people underfoot, don't have a lot of time to make up something special so it has to be what I have in the fridge or freezer- often leftovers, a sandwich of some sort, or something that can be zapped.

THANK YOU to whoever invented the microwave- that thing is a Godsend.

So...what was on the menu today? 

This beautiful thing:

A delightful ham and cheddar sandwich.

I'll break it down for you.

-The bread is hearty 7-grain sandwich bread from my local co-op
-Also from the co-op is the AMAZING delicious Beeler Farm's uncured (local) ham, sharp cheddar cheese from Nasonville Dairy in nearby Wisconsin, organic spinach, and stone-ground mustard.
-Tomatoes from my mother-in-law's garden and red onion from my local farmer's market.

Simple.  Easy.  Delish.

I also had a side of green grapes.  And, you know, one of these:

For all my "healthy" and "locavore" endeavors I have to indulge in one multinational corporate vice.  Sbux iced coffee with white mocha syrup.  It's utterly divine. And SO necessary to keep up with energetic kiddos.  There, I have a weakness- are you surprised?  Don't be, I have many!  :)

That's my lunch for today.  What's yours??

Seriously, share.  Even if it's just PB n' J, I'm the weirdo who wants to know :)


jamie k said...

ab i love this too- i had left over fajitas- chicken, peppers, onion, with a tortilla shell and farmers market salsa. Along with a few slices of sprouts (organic store) jalapeno cheese. yum!! i love a good lunch!

Abbie said...

YUM, Jame! You know I love Mexican and some spicy salsa :)

Kirsten's Cooking said...

As I was reading this I was thinking two things: boy, Abbie seems like she had some caffeine before she starting writing, and how scarily similar we are!

I love,love,love looking at other people's shopping carts.

Today I had carrots and blue cheese dressing (made with fage), a turkey and cheddar roll-up, an apple with peanut butter, and a bowl of natural cheddar popcorn.

Rob usually packs his lunch (ie I pack it for him) and he has a chobani, a kashi bar (usually pumpkin spice flax), and a couple of pieces of fruit.

how's that for a super long comment? :)

Aaron and Liz said...

I'm glad someone else loves them some sandwiches. They are definitely my go-to lunch. Today I made breakfast sandwiches with whole wheat biscuits, turkey sausage, sharp cheddar and organic eggs. Apple slices on the side. Best part about this lunch is that Easton loved it!!!

Abbie said...

I love these! @Kirsten- was I really that spazy in my writing? Ha! Yes, caffeine in the afternoon is a must these days :) @Liz- Oh man, I love sandwiches. I think I had one for lunch every day the last trimester of my pregnancy with Alex- you can make just about anything work between two pieces of bread!

Rachel Farley said...

Love this post Abbie! You're blogs are so fun to read.

I met a friend for lunch and had tacos :)

I usually forget to eat lunch. Sad huh?!

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