Cooler Weather, Warming Meals


Well hello faithful few who still check in time and again! 

So...I noticed a lot of spam flooding my inbox from this site which begs the question:  If dust is collecting I must be neglecting.  Poor little blog, I've missed it.

But OH have I not had time.  Like, even a free moment to touch this thing.  I've longed for it, thought about it, wistfully read a few ancient posts, but alas- no time.

BUT I'm here now, right? 

As the cooler weather sets in (hello low 70s!), I am always brought back to the art of homemade.  Maybe it's the litle hint of winter, the feeling of hunkering down, settling in, gathering the necessary items for the months of being holed up in the house.  I'm not sure but fall is my very favorite.  Ever. 

Why, oh, WHY can't we have two months of winter, two of spring, ONE of summer (I am SO not a summer person...sorry sun-worshippers), and seven long glorious months of autumn?  Oh well, a girl can dream.  Maybe I should move further north...

Ah, well.

Autumn does bring inspiration in my heart.  I get excited to bake, to can, to craft, to sew, to CREATE with my very own hands.  Summer, while it claims to be relaxing, tends to be chaotic and devoid of a schedule.  It seems we have endless days of running around, various parties/gatherings/events, vacations, hot weather (which makes everyone crabby)- all of which lead to end-of-summer-exhaustion.  It's enough to wipe a woman out.  I like the beginning of school-season, the renewal of a schedule, the crisp, clean newness that inspires.  As a former student and trained teacher, September IS my new year (not January).  It is the month that allows new beginnings. 

Thus, this month I've been refreshed (from a looooong hiatus of writing, cooking, creating, and whathaveyou) and I'm ready to begin again.

Sidenote, these three little people have been a big reason for my hiatus:

Aren't they darling?

They are also BUSY and BOYS and I have three.  So there you go.  My excuse.  The best excuse if there ever was one.

So.  Enough rambling.

What have I been up to lately?  Well, aside from the rascals above, I have been a-soup-and-stewing this past week.  Fall equals soup in my house, whether the boys like it or not.  It happens.  They deal.

What's been on the docket?  A few delish Pinterest finds and a standby favorite.

Fabulous Chicken and Bacon Wild Rice Soup from Pinch of Yum:
Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili  from The Girl Who Ate Everything
(her photo, not mine! I forgot to take a pic, oops):
And one of my very favorites, Ina Garten's Lentil Stew:


All very perfect fall-ish, warming meals.

What soups are your favorite this season? 
I'll keep you posted on any winners I come across.

Happy First Week of Autumn!


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